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Oct 22

Powershell Code: Get Active Directory User Information

I have had several requests from customers for AD User Counts, so I decided I would condense all this information into a single User Inventory script. This includes the following information (leveraging AD Commandlets): Number of Users in the AD Domain Number of Enabled Users in the AD Domain Number of Disabled Users in the …

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Oct 13

PowerShell Implicit Remoting over the Internet

Mike Pfeiffer has a great post on implicit remoting of Exchange modules across the Internet via ISA/TMG publishing. From the start of his post: This post is inspired by a question asked during my presentation at the last Arizona PowerShell User Group (AZPOSH) meeting. After I demonstrated Exchange management via PowerShell implicit remoting, one of …

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Oct 12

Installing Powershell v3

With the betas of Windows Client & Server “8”, also comes the beta of Powershell version 3.0. I posted some of the benefits of Powershell 3.0 earlier. Here are the steps to installing the Powershell 3 beta: Download the Microsoft .Net Framework 4 & install on the system before installing the Powershell 3 beta. Download …

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Oct 07

Powershell Version 3.0

Now that Microsoft has made Windows 8 (client & server) available for download via MSDN, information about Powershell v3.0 has flooded the net. Here’s the direct download link for Powershell 3.0. Some of the benefits of Powershell 3.0: Automatic module importing when running commands interactively in the Powershell console (not via a script). New & …

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Oct 01

Powershell Code: Using Exchange Powershell Modules from the CAS server in a script

I have mostly written scripts that leverage the Active Directory commandlets by importing the ActiveDirectory powershell module. My customer requirements now have me branching out into Exchange territory which requires the use of the Exchange Powershell module and associated commandlets. I have learned that there is no simple way to “install” the Exchange Powershell module …

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