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Jan 12

Windows 7 DNS Client Requests

I decided I would install WireShark on my Windows 7 laptop and watch some traffic. After running Wireshark, I discovered some interesting traffic as a result of a simple DNS query… The example I use here is a simple nslookup for google.com against the DNS server (ns1.metcorp.org). nslookup google.com That simple command initiated the …

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Dec 18

Microsoft Active Directory Design Guidance (IPDs)

Not many people know that Microsoft provides a wealth of information useful for designing Active Directory structures. The so called Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) series is freely available on TechNet. Here are a few of the Microsoft Products with IPDs: Active Directory Domain Services Active Directory Certificate Services Exchange Server 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 …

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Dec 11

Reference: DCDIAG – What it does

Sure you have run DCDIAG before, but do you know what it actually does? Here’s the DCDIAG syntax: dcdiag /test:DNS [/DnsBasic | /DnsForwarders | /DnsDelegation | /DnsDynamicUpdate | /DnsRecordRegistration | /DnsResolveExtName [/DnsInternetName:<InternetName>] | /DnsAll] [/f:<LogFile>] [/x:<XMLLog.xml>] [/xsl:<XSLFile.xsl> or <XSLTFile.xslt>] [/s:<DomainController>] [/e] [/v] I usually run DCDIAG with the following switches to check the health of …

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Nov 10

Active Directory Resource Reference List

There are a number of technologies required by Active Directory to ensure proper operation. Often I find myself reviewing this information to ensure that I fully understand how things work as well as any updates to how they operate in a newer version of Windows. Here’s a list of Microsoft technical reference articles: TCPIP Kerberos …

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Oct 14

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Technical Reference

This is one of the best resources I have found for learning (and keeping recent with) relevant technologies. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc739127(WS.10).aspx  New & Updated Collections Here are some of the highlights: Access Tokens Active Directory Data Store Active Directory Domains and Forests Active Directory DNS Support Active Directory Functional Levels Active Directory Installation Active Directory Installation, Upgrade, …

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