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Jan 02

Powershell Script: Create Install From Media (IFM) Set for DCPromo /ADV IFM Option

If you want to really speed up a DCPromo, there’s not much you can do once it has starts. However, you can use the DCPromo /adv Install From Media (IFM) option.  Using the IFM option when promoting a new DC in the same domain (has to be the same domain since this effectively takes a …

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Dec 26

Powershell Script: Active Directory Database Integrity Check

Here’s a quick Powershell script that will check your AD database (on Windows Server 2008 R2) for any errors and attempt to fix (some of) them. Running this before creating an IFM media set is highly recommended since it will identify AD database errors. 123456Write-Output "Checking the NTDS database for errors (semantic database analysis) `r …

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Dec 01

Vendors & Active Directory Integration

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who was deploying a software product from a company that typically makes hardware appliance type devices based on Linux (or similar) I won’t mention the vendor (begins with B and rhymes with Arcade) to protect the clueless. The conversation involved a request to increase the MaxPageSize size …

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